A New Ecological Contract: tools to see otherwise / Sensing the Environment Symposium


A New Ecological Contract: tools to see otherwise is presentation based on the research “Territories in Conflict: a counter narrative of architecture in areas of socioenvironmental conflict” for the multidisciplinary symposium at RISD focused on just climate futures. With the participation of sTo len, LinYee Yuan, Felipe Shibuya, Paulo Tavares, Maggie Tsang, and Gabriel Cuéllar. Organized by Amelyn Ng.

Showcasing undergraduate student work from Universidad de Las Américas. Christian Araneda and Pamela Bustamante

Sensing the Environment: Narrative, Evidence, Appearance

Tuesday March 7, 2023
10:00a—12:30p / 2:00—4:15p EST
Live Screened @ RISD Prov Wash

March 6 — 10, 2023
RISD Architecture BEB Gallery
231 Main St, Providence RI
Contributions by speakers

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