Materia Fuera de Lugar (Out of Place Matter) / Nº25 Revista Materia Arquitectura

Guest editor

MATERIA ARQUITECTURA is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original research, which can be exploratory and speculative. It is also open to visual and imaginative proposals. It aims to contribute to developing and questioning the discipline and architectural practice through new problems and ideas concerning the cultural, social, economic, and political contexts in which it operates.

plays with Mary Douglas's concept of out-of-place matter and reflects that such matter is neither cleansed nor washed away; it does not disappear; it only moves; nothing escapes the atmosphere of the terrestrial sphere. With architecture as an accomplice and primary user of extractive industries, promoting the ideals of modernity and development, the call received contributions that explored these new conditions in the context of environmental degradation.

CONTRIBUTORS Susan Schuppli @susan_schuppli / Pareid @pareid.architecture / Claudio Palavecino and Tomás García De La Huerta / Ophelia Mantz / Cristian Muñoz and Paula Orta @polgato / Jorge Valiente, Amaia Sánchez and Francisco Lobo & Romea Muryn @locument / Dillon Pranger / Amelyn Ng @amelynamelyn , Gabriel Vergara @gabrielvergarag and Christine Giorgio / Mále Uribe @maleuribef